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The current data and time is: 19/09/2021 - 05:04:48 BST

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weeWX 3.8.0gauge-data.txt60 Seconds19/09/21 05:04:06 BST42 sec Good
weeWX 3.8.0statistics.html5 Minutes19/09/21 05:00:35 BST4.2 min Good
weeWX 3.8.0wview.php60 Seconds19/09/21 05:04:07 BST41 sec Good
WXgraphicsgraphictags.htm5 Minutes19/09/21 05:00:36 BST4.2 min Good
mysqldlfile.sql5 Minutes19/09/21 05:00:33 BST4.3 min Good
weeWX 3.8.0statsfile.txt24 Hours18/09/21 08:06:03 BST21.0 hr Good
mysql checkdbasecheck.txt24 Hours19/09/21 03:03:01 BST2.0 hr Good
startcopyNOAA-2021-09.txt24 Hours19/09/21 02:07:01 BST3.0 hr Good
startcopyNOAA-2021.txt31 Days19/09/21 02:07:02 BST3.0 hr Good

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